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5 Commendable Tools to Increase Ecommerce Site Conversions

5 Commendable Tools to Increase Ecommerce Site Conversions

With the rising growth of the ecommerce industry, and changing consumers’ behavior towards making purchases online, retailers are making every possible effort to deliver an enhanced users’ experience via their e-commerce website. To address such need, most of the online retailers customize their site, by making use of solutions that help keep their customers satisfied and maximize revenue.

Making an e-commerce site tailored to suit your specific needs can be tricky, however, there are a number of useful e-commerce tools that can help make your website in-tune to e-commerce business needs.


zopim for ecommerce

If you keep yourself up-to-date about the buzz going around in the online marketplace, then you’ll most likely have come to know: how providing the best possible experiences to your website visitors can increase conversions. Essentially, the better your visitors can interact with your brand, the more are the chances that they’ll likely make purchases from your website. Such an objective can be achieved, by providing your customers with a personalized customer support.

Simply put, when it comes to shopping online, most of the buyers usually have a lot of queries in their mind. And being able to answer their queries can help you achieve your users satisfaction level. The more satisfied your customers will be, the more they’ll favor buying from your e-commerce site.

One best way to fulfill such need is to add a live chat service on your website.

ZopIM is one great e-commerce tool that can help you personalize your customer experience, by keeping them engaged via live chat. One best aspect about this tool is that it comes shipped with Google Translate.


shop integrator for ecommerce

Are you running a website that you would like to transform into an e-commerce one? In that case, ShopIntegrator is exactly what you need. This tool helps in converting a site into an e-commerce site, simply by copying and pasting a code snippet adhering to its the provided instructions. It is a simple tool that can be used by a person having basic knowledge of HTML. It is compatible across several platforms. For instance, you can add a “Facebook” store web application to your e-commerce website Facebook page to gain monetary profits from social commerce.

Furthermore, this tool provides secure storage space, for keeping all of the important files and deliver those files as downloads automatically to your website visitors using a CDN (short for Content Delivery Network). That’s not it! It even helps embed several e-commerce functionalities and shopping cart solutions in a site. With this tool, you can have your e-commerce site ready in 5 minutes.


Adding customer reviews and testimonials have proved an effective way to bring traffic to a website and boost conversions. In fact, according to a local review survey held in 2014, it was concluded that roughly 90 percent people trust on online reviews for making purchasing decisions:

ecommerce stats

Looking at the above image, you can make out the significance negative and positive reviews can have in encouraging users to purchase your e-commerce website products. In addition to this, testimonials also play a vital role in increasing the confidence of your customers towards buying a product from your site.

This is where the Yotpo tool comes in handy.

This eCommerce tool will send email to your customers after pre-determined number of days, asking them to post reviews on your e-commerce website. Furthermore, it makes use of “product reviews widget” to display current reviews on your product page. What’s more? It even helps integrate e-commerce sites with popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, giving you the ability to post your reviews socially.



There are many different possible ways that can help you drive traffic to your website. However, the ability to receive a good amount of traffic to your site on a continuous basis requires establishing a long-term with your visitors, as well as, customers. One best strategy to accomplish such a goal is “email marketing”.

There are many different possible ways that can help you drive traffic to your website. However, the ability to receive a good amount of traffic to your site on a continuous basis requires establishing a long-term with your visitors, as well as, customers. One best strategy to accomplish such a goal is “email marketing”.

Though, social media seem to have overpowered online marketing, but in reality email marketing remains the undisputed leader and best source to drive customers to your site.

And, when it comes to adopting the email marketing approach, MailChimp appears the most viable choice of all. It has emerged as a robust software, giving online marketers the knack to send great promotional messages as emails. The tool can also be used for sending bulk emails, and will also help you keep a check on the orders placed by your e-commerce site customers.

Abandon Aid

abandon for ecommerce

Are you a victim of shopping cart abandonment? Well, then there plenty of ways that can help you deal with such problem. However, it is recommended that the first thing you need to focus on is to ensure that your site doesn’t contain any sort of technical glitch. Besides this, also check if it’s actually the price of your products that is making users abandon your site. No matter, whatever the reason may be, you can still encourage your e-commerce users to complete their purchase(s) using the Abandon Aid tool.

As the name implies, the Abandon Aid tool, you can improve your site shopping cart abandonment rate. This tool basically sends emails or compelling reminders the customers to convince them to complete the purchase procedure they’ve initiated. It comes with a diagnostic tool that will help you learn about the number of customers who don’t complete the checkout process.

Wrapping Up!

So, hope the aforementioned list of tools will prove helpful in making customizations that will help boost your e-commerce site conversions, and revenue.


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