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10 Design Trends Shaping The Future Of Web Design

10 Design Trends Shaping The Future Of Web Design

Businesses are striving to create their niche in the market. At the same time, trends are changing rapidly and consumers expect more from businesses today. Embracing the latest trends in website designing can revitalize your business while allowing for improved growth in business. Web design, being a very dynamic field, new trends in design keep emerging. And while new design styles come in vogue, some other style becomes obsolete. Web design companies globally would do well to keep up with the latest trends and apply them as judiciously as possible.

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Let’s have a look at 10 such web design trends that are shaping how we are designing modern websites.

1. Flat Design and Minimalism

Flat design & Minimalism continue to be one of the most popular trends today. This is an ideal style for Responsive Web Design, where focus is given to the smart use of white space. Flat Design 2.0 is yet another important trend that goes perfectly fine with minimalist ideation. The approach is quite good with fundamental elements that include negative space, grids, bright, vibrant colors and attractive images while creating engaging experiences.

2. The Rise of Material Design

Material Design is the new visual language that was launched by Google in 2015. The goal of Material Design is to create elegant, futuristic designs that focus on UX. In order to create designs that appear more realistic to the user it uses shadow effects and the concepts of movement and depth.

3. Engaging Immersive Experiences

We all love stories, don't we? And designers can and should be storytellers too! All credit goes to the magic of CSS3 animations and transitions, HTML5 canvas and JavaScript APIs and Greensock, as well as the usage of hardware. Storytelling through web designs can be so engaging that viewers get charmed and can’t help but scroll through to the bottom of the web page.

4. Vibrant Bespoke Illustrations

Illustration is certainly a versatile tool which can have various uses in design. And when it comes to creating attractive website design, we can see a wide variety of illustrations. More and more websites are putting forthcreative ideas in the form of engaging hand drawn illustrations that stand out amidst a sea of photoshopped images and graphics.

5. Typography Speaks Louder Than Words

Make Typography a style statement while designing websites. Yes, it is a key component of impeccable design and great branding. In 2016 some of thee widely used stylish fonts include All Caps Everything, Water Color and Retro Grunge. The coming year, web designers will surely implement custom font styles increasingly to provide superior design experiences though written content.

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6. HD Visual Assets

With high definition devices rapidly becoming the standard, future is likely to be flooded with HD designs. HD videos, high resolution but light images & graphics are the most vital parts of HD visuals. But a balance also needs to be maintained between HD content the speed with which they load on a page. Hence adoption of HD elements will also give rise to HD content optimization.

7. Touch-Supported Website Features

More and more website are incorporating touch enabled design elements and internet usage is gradually shifting to mobile, table and laptop touch screens. It is not outlandish to envision a future where almost all digital content consumption happens through touch screen enabled devices and keyboards become redundant.

8. More Iconography

It is and it will be all about icons. Today’s expert web designers are coming up with fun UI and icon kits which are simple to use and work with. Using icons in different ways can be a fascinating experience for budding as well as skilled designers.

iconography in web design

9. Hero Images

One of the best ways to catch user’s attention is an impressive image. HD hero images are one of the fastest ways to grab a user’s attention. Its main purpose is to present an overview of the site's most important content. To wrap everything up, three essential elements should be presented in your hero image- an eye catchy image, strategically delivering words & effective call- to -action. Hero image is the first & primary thing you see on a website and so that should have strong focus and visual interest.

10. Reality-Imagination Blur

Is the website animated or real? Reality-Imagination Blur is an emerging trend that results into pretty eye-catching design. There is a blurred line between virtual and real; this trend also includes designing imagery which looks real but it is not real.

Amidst all this talk of trendy designs it is easy to forget that a design element works great only is certain contexts. So never make the mistake of following trends because they look great, only apply the techniques if they actually benefit your users. The best design is the one that makes users information seeking journey as smooth and engaging as possible.