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12 Essential Aspects Your Business Website Should Have

12 Essential Aspects Your Business Website Should Have

**2017’s UPDATED! 

When it comes to building or rebuilding of your business website you should definitely follow some of the current web design trends and keep an eye on your content. Sometimes you get on the website and you can’t find certain information and that drives you crazy right? I’m sure you don’t want your visitors to have same experience.

I’ve been using wordpress for more than 5 years and I’ve build bunch of websites in US, Europe and Australia. WordPress is the most used platform for creating websites and you can create professional looking corporate websites. FOR SOME INSPIRATION – > check out my collection of the Best Business WordPress Themes.

There are certain information that you should have on your website and I’ve listed down sort of checklist with explanations:

1. Logo / Branding

business branding

Branding takes huge part in business world today! Your website should definitely reflect your brand and slogan. Place your logo on visible place (mostly upper left corner) and keep website in your colors.

2. Smart Menu

Keep your menu easy to read and easy to access, don’t make too complicated but on the other side have it informative! I guess best word for it is intuitive.

I prefer to use mega menu plugin which has tons of options on how to make PRO WordPress wesite menu full of options but still looking tidy and easy to follow.

3. Optimized Landing Pages

You should spend at least a day on this! Make sure that your homepage and other important landing pages are optimized well! Check your loading speed, lower your bounce rate, make sure that call to action buttons are above the fold, etc. Make sure you check your google analytics to see where people are landing the most and focus on these pages.

4. About Page

Before visitors make any decisions they like to check about pages. They wanna see who you are, where are you based, how many employees works there etc. Some people stick with your brand just because your location, members, history, office design or introduction videos!

5. CTA – Call To Actions

business call to action

I think the most important reason why you have your website is to convert visitors into customers. You should have strategically places CTAs on your website and you should try A/B testing on them. Evry landing page should have CTA and also your header should contain at least one. It’s either mobile number in menu or email & number in TOP bar. More about CTA topic here.

6. Symbols of trust

You should definitely take advantages of your partners or any corporation you cooperate with and list them as clients, partners and show off their logo! People like to see big brands and it builds trust.

When it comes to ecommerce website you should consider adding “security payments” elements and “money back guarantee” symbols. Customers are still very skeptic when it comes to buying online products and they definitely appreciate as much trustworthy elements as possible.

7. Contact Page / Contact Information

Provide your contact information in various places on your website, just too keep it simple for visitors. Have you address and contact information in footer and your abous page. Create separated contact page and show your location on the map, add address, email, mobile number, GPS, skype contact and links to social media. As part of your contact page I recommend contact form which some of the people prefer the most.

8. Services / Product Pages / Gallery

Now it’s the time to show off your work! It pretty much depends what you do. If you sell products online or offline you should definitely have product pages with pricings, descriptions, photos etc. If create stuff, have showcase of your past work. If you offer services, list and describe them. If you have too many services / products to show, create additional gallery and showcase it there.

9. Testimonials / Reviews

Having testimonials on your pages is useful but I don’t think people trust them, they mostly try to find external pages with revies, such as, yellowpages, yelp, google+ etc. You should have company.

website reviews

10. Blog

Having blog is important for SEO purposes but on the other side it’s great strategy to keep your visitors to come back and interact with your website. There are plenty of topics in every industry which your visitors will find beneficial and interesting.

11. Social Media

If you are social media active keep your links to you channel on your homepage or in the widget. In case you’re not social media active, start right now!
I hope this was helpful and you and your website will benefit from my advice. Feel FREE to pass any questions into the comments.

12. Mobile Version

mobile friendly business website

This fact has become very important in last few years! One reason is the users. Nowadays, people crawl mobile websites more on phones than laptops or desktops. Check out recent mobile marketing statistics from Oct. 2016. The other reason is how google adjusted their organic search and SEO. Having mobile responsive website is essential and you won’t be able to rank well if your website is not mobile friendly. They are preparing more and more requirements websites and I would definitely recommend to keep an eye on this.

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If you have anything to add or questions, feel free to post comment under this article. I would be happy to help you out with your business website.