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PHP Frameworks and Tools That Will Streamline Your Work Instantly

PHP Frameworks and Tools That Will Streamline Your Work Instantly

Developing a website is a no easy feat. There is a greater degree of hard work and precision involved. One needs to keep tons of factors in mind before defining the flow of a project. To overcome such issues, programmers make use of a number of tools and frameworks that help them speed up their work and make them feel agile. These tools and frameworks let them initiate coding quickly and effectively. They also maintain scalability and sustainability by adhering to development standards and keeping code neat and clean.

Coming to PHP, it’s one of the most widely used server side development language known for its robust structure and dynamic nature. Using PHP, one can create different types of web applications and also integrate them with frameworks for better results. PHP developers rely on these frameworks and tools to perform multiple tasks and make them as simple as possible. For those, who vouch for flexibility and efficiency, we recommend having a look at some best of breed PHP frameworks that allow you uplift the standard of your project and make your code more organized.

Here is a list of some top of the line PHP frameworks and tools that will skyrocket your developing skills in no time.


framework webasyst


Webasyst is an open source PHP framework that helps you develop high-end web apps and websites. The framework is praised for its focused approach that allows developers create apps in the quickest possible manner. The framework also comes packed with a number of helpful tools to make you work smartly. The architecture of Webasyst is designed in such a way that you can easily install a range of applications within a single installation. This is one of the greatest selling points of Webasyst.



CakePHP is a versatile rapid development framework that comes complete with a handy collection of tools for input validation, form tempering protection, CSRF protection, and more. It uses pattens like Active Record, Associate Data Mapping, MVC, and Front Controller.


fuelphp framework

FuelPHP is all what you need to enjoy development flexibility and agility. It’s a very comprehensive framework ideal for both seasoned and novice PHP developer. As a PHP 5.3+ framework, Fuel takes a very different approach and takes pride for being a community-driven.



Zend Framework is yet another highly sought-after framework that is praised for its flexible design and modern features. The framework is used to built exemplary web applications and services. It’s simple, object-oriented, and comes under a corporate friendly license. Using Zend, one can easily come up with out of the box web 2.0 applications and web services.


Symphony leading PHP framework

Symphony is a leading PHP framework among developers when it comes to creating bespoke websites. It uses a set of useful components and PHP framework for building robust projects.



Akelos is a highly popular PHP4 and PHP5 port of Ruby on Rails framework that lets you create database-backed web applications based on MVC pattern. It comes with various necessary functions such as Ajax in the view, domain model for database wrapping, controller response and request, and so on. All these functions together help Akelos to provide developers with an excellent development environment. Akelos is an awesome framework for developers who love to write web applications and for Ruby on Rails developer who write PHP code.

Yii Framework

php framework - yii

Yii is a top-notch PHP framework that comes with a great deal of features such as MVC, catching authentication, role-based access control, testing, scaffolding, and more. It’s a reliable framework that helps you reduce the amount of time and efforts in creating an application.


free php library

In its bare bones, Opauth is an open-source PHP library that maintains the flow and speed of your development work. It helps you get rid of the inconsistencies involved and delivers you an efficient way to cope with them. The library is used by Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It also integrates effortlessly with any existing PHP framework.

Lucid Desktop

lucyd desktop open-source

Lucid Desktop is an open-source WebOS that is designed using PHP and utilizes SQL database for data storage. Being a multi-user application, Lucid Desktop provides support for installation ready applications. It also comes with a great deal of applications including text, calculator, editor, image viewer, feed reader, music player, and so on.



Dummy is a highly reliable toolkit that helps you in developing, testing, and presenting web prototypes quickly and realistically. It lets you integrate your work with content and then randomly identifying some key aspects of its layout. Dummy also makes it possible for you to visualize, test, and present your work successfully.


I hope you like our list and pick one of the frameworks and tools listed above to work smarter and better.


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