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20+ Best Website Designs for Inspiration! Creative Stuff

20+ Best Website Designs for Inspiration! Creative Stuff

I’ve come across amazing web designs on Pinterest and I’ve decided to put them together in the article to get great source of inspiration for web designers and freelancers interested in web design. Since there are always new trends coming, the new ideas are always welcome. The designs are truly remarkable and I’m always surprised how far can mind of web designer goes. When you scroll this page you’ll find a lot of website designs for inspiration with great retro, hipster, flat, tech, minimalistic elements in one hand with unique shapes and pictures! In order to make internet even more beautiful virtual place take this as an inspiration and think about the possibilities how could you include this elements in your website or the ones you are about to create! Check updated collection of BEST Web Designs of 2015.

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Enjoy Your Web Design Trip!

Doors - Just another WordPress site 2014-09-20 12-28-59

Doors - Just another WordPress site 2014-09-20 12-31-23




website designs for inspiration


 Think about including these trends to your designs! Let’s make internet even more beautiful :)







website designs for inspiration







website designs for inspiration

 Most of these websites are PDSs but lots of them are running life as well. If you read titles and check written text you’ll be able to google them and preview. Since I was not able to find credits via pinterest I’m just adding the pictures.

I hope that the actual authors of these designs will not ged mad for sharing their work. In case you find your work here and you would like to add credits and link to your web, just email me at If you feel your work should be part of this collection, let me know as well.

Help me to share this article and we’ll make the internet much more beautiful!